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Legend Aircraft looking for New Zealand representatives.

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Legend Aircraft is the leading Light Sport Aircraft producer in the USA since the category was introduced in 2005. They are located 70 miles east of Dallas in Texas, USA. Legend is looking to expand their sales outside the USA, and in particular in New Zealand and Australia. The company is solely focused on Light Sport Aircraft. With more than 210 aircraft flying worldwide, the main concentration is in the USA with a number in Brazil and in the UK.

Their new airplane, the Super Legend is also a great candidate for New Zealand. Equipped with the Lycoming O-233 engine, it is capable of burning standard automotive fuel, including fuel containing ethanol. With 115 hp, this gives the Super Legend the same power to weight ratio as a 150 hp Super Cub.  Being able to use automotive gasoline is a huge benefit to pilots operating on floats. They can use the fuel that’s available roadside all over New Zealand. The addition of flaps, gives the extra utility that operators are looking for. By working diligently to reduce the weight, the empty weight of the aircraft comes out at 845 lbs, which gives 475 lbs of useful load in the LSA category. The aircraft is stressed for 1,650 lbs, so someone wanting to build the aircraft in the experimental category can have an aircraft with more than an 800 lb useful load.

Some of the more significant points about the Legend, and Super Legend include:

  • Same basic airframe as the traditional PA-18 SuperCub. All the tube sizes, diameters, stations are the same. The only difference being a wider cabin and an extra door on the left.
  • Same wing profile and same feathers. Feathers from all original Cubs will bolt onto and fit any Legend aircraft. Spare parts can be obtained from any original Piper source
  • Wider Cockpit (3-inches wider). This makes it a more comfortable airplane
  • Door on both sides, in other words, its ‘twice the fun’. This is particularly important for Float planes, as you can pull up to a dock on either side. It’s also great for taking pictures or just having fun in general
  • The Legend Cub can be soloed from either the front or the back.
  • Available on wheels, floats, amphib floats or skis.
  • Strengthened airframe. Before the design was drawn up, a full review of all modifications and STC’s to the originals was undertaken. The most obvious of these is the Alaska  ‘X” brace overhead the cockpit. The traditional SuperCub has just one overhead tube. In Alaska if a plane went down in trees, the cockpit was the weakest point, and the top of the cockpit collapsed. By installing that brace, the wings become the weakest point protecting the occupants.
  • Safety: There are thousands of Cubs flying. They are recognized as safe honest airplanes. The Legend is built on that foundation. The airframe is a known quantity. There are no surprises.

The benefit of an extra door is significant. Both doors are openable in flight. It’s like flying an open cockpit plane without the hassle of open cockpit. I.e. you can close the door when it gets too cold, or when it rains. You don’t have to worry about a canopy cover when you are out somewhere overnight. For the weather in the southern Alps, you can have the doors open during the summer, and sealed shut during the very cold winter. Having two doors is really excellent for float operations. It doesn’t matter which side you approach the dock, there’s ready ingress/egress without having to ‘walk the wire’.

Legend Aircraft is seeking representation in New Zealand and Australia. The opportunity would best suit an enterprise already involved in aviation with a reputation for excellent customer service, wishing to create a successful business selling Legend line of aircraft.  Legend will customize the aircraft for the local market. Legend has an excellent dealer support program with business & training systems, collateral, etc.

For more information contact Dave Graham Tel: 1-903-885-7000 or Email: or visit their website

Legend Aircraft is the Number One American manufactured Light Sport Aircraft since the category was introduced in 2005. A Legend Cub is all about the experience of flying. Flying a Legend is all about the wind in your hair, the sight, smells and sights from 500 ft. It’s about grass strips, low and slow, seat of the pants, FUN flying. It’s a sensual experience where the aircraft and you are one.



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