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Warbirds WOW crowds in Wanaka.

[27 March 2016] [1,111 views] [No Comment]

The RAAF never fail to deliver with their aerobatic displays.


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Airforce shows of new helicopters.

[13 May 2011] [4,877 views] [No Comment]

Newstalk ZB reported today that the the Air Force’s new helicopters will go on show at Ohakea Air Base for the public to view today.

The new A109 light utility helicopters, which are used for pilot training, will replace the Bell Sioux helicopters which have been in service since 1965.

The new aircraft is a lightweight, twin-engine helicopter with a modern glass cockpit and a retractable wheel undercarriage.

Another three will follow the initial two based at Ohakea now.

Later this year, the Iroquois helicopters will be replaced by NH90 helicopters.


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John Travolta to attend Qantas 90th!

[9 November 2010] [2,340 views] [No Comment]

Qantas Ambassador-at-Large John Travolta will be welcomed to Melbourne by theCEO of Qantas, Alan Joyce, on Saturday 13 November. Mr Travolta will pilot hispersonal Boeing 707 aircraft to Melbourne to help Qantas celebrate its 90thanniversary at a special open day.

The event will see Qantas’ engineering facilities at Melbourne Airport opened up toQantas employees and their families and friends, with aircraft on display andentertainment throughout the day.

More Information will follow…

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High flying All Blacks Captain auctions flight.

[1 November 2010] [5,526 views] [One Comment]

Richie McCaw is known for his love of aviation so it’s no surprise to see his face against an online fund riser.    The Trademe auction currently sits at NZ$1241 but knowing his sporting status it’s expected to go higher.

The auction is to have Richie McCaw as your personal glider instructor.  You’ll take the controls under the guidance of the rugby star to safely introduce you to the sport of gliding.

The auction site says “Proceeds from this auction will be split 70 / 30 between the Hororata St Johns Church, and the Canterbury Gliding Club. The church requires expensive restoration work following the recent 7.1 magnitude earthquake and the gliding club is raising funds to assist with the clubs relocation to a new airfield at Springfield.”

Visit the auction on Trademe!

Update: 2 Nov 2010 – The auction price has gone over $2000.

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Ever wanted your own Strikemaster Jet?

[5 October 2010] [2,588 views] [No Comment]

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to fly your own classic aircraft? Well for around $148,000 you could be sitting in the cockpit of your own Strikemaster Jet.

This aircraft has a whole stack of modern avionics including a Garmin GNC300 TSO GPS unit.

The listing says this jet is regularly flown up to 35,000 feet so would be perfect for any over paid business man who likes living on the edge.

Check out the listing on Trademe:

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Queenstown airport begins terminal expansion.

[3 September 2010] [2,538 views] [No Comment]

The increase of passengers to the Queenstown area has given the airport operators the opportunity to expand part of their baggage handling services.  A new building that will be starting soon is expected to optimise passenger handling.

Queenstown Airport General Manager Commercial Simon Barr said in a press release, the development of the new baggage make up area was necessary to accommodate the increasing number of passengers passing through the airport.

“Known airline schedules indicate 60% growth in international passengers during the next year, together with a 10% increase in domestic. Our current facilities are designed to cope with passenger numbers of around 700,000 per year while we are actually expecting to reach almost 1 million over the next 12 months.  Of those numbers, the airport is designed to handle 5% international (international passengers have a greater impact on facilities) and 95% domestic but our actual passenger mix is closer to 20% international and 80% domestic.”

Mr Barr said the new baggage make up area would remove impediments to growth at the check in end of the Terminal for the medium term.

Wile buildings were going up around the airport there was still no word about the well over due installation of runway lights.  The airport is subject to use only during daylight hours until it can install the lights.  Flights being able to land and takeoff before first light and after last light would increase the number of flights the airport can handle.

Queenstown Airport (NZQN) is located at 1171 feet AMSL slightly north of the township.

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Pilot lands plane with only one wing.

[17 August 2010] [6,145 views] [No Comment]

There are many videos on the internet that you can clearly see are ‘fakes’ but this video from really made me sit up and think what a lucky guy 22 year old Dino Moline was.

The wing came detached from his aircraft during a routine in Argentina and it was because of his full-plane Ballistic Recovery Systems (BRS) parachute system, that he survived uninjured.

Watch the video attached.

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New Virgin Atlantic 747 Paint job.

[10 August 2010] [6,582 views] [One Comment]

Wile trolling though the abundant supply of aviation videos on YouTube I came across this one.  It’s a time laps of a 747 getting a new paint job.

The comment in the video says “Our new video detailing the long hours that went into applying the new livery to the G-VROC aircraft.”

Check it out.

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Should you go flying into fog?

[30 July 2010] [1,913 views] [No Comment]

This morning I looked out my window to see nothing but a grey blanket of fog covering the ground.  It reminded me of a cold hard lesson I’d been taught by my flying instructor back when I was training for my Private Pilots Licence.

After running through the lesson brief my instructor looked out the window and asked me if I was still keen to go flying even know it was foggy.  My limited experience at the time (pre solo) and over keenness to reach for the sky clouded my judgement.  With the plane ready to go my instructor asked again most probably hoping I’d make the right decision and call the flight off.

We taxied out to the runway that I though was best to use, listened out for other traffic and finished doing a run up.  The fog seemed like it was getting thicker but still I thought it was all right to fly.

As we lined up I realised visibility was way below VFR minimum but I still was going to roll down the runway.  My instructor with his many hours of experience pulled the plug of the flight and explained why as we taxied back.

Fog is usually caused by cold air from above mixing with warmer air closer to the ground.  As the sun comes up in the morning the fog will appear to become thicker and if it’s a cold day it could linger around all day.

It’s the lingering fog that would make it almost impossible to land again and require a diversion to another aerodrome.

This simple but effective lesson stays with me every time I fly… So if you’re ever put in the same situation, ask yourself, “Should I be flying into fog?”

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The website goes offline.

[24 July 2010] [2,140 views] [No Comment]

If you have been trying to load the CAA’s website this week you’d either been served an error message or have a “Not found” error or a “Connection error.”

This morning sent an email to the CAA’s info@ email address only to have it return with an error…

What’s happening? Have they all gone on holiday at once?

We’ll keep you posted and let you know when it comes back online.

Philip Newman

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