MOTAT to launch Above and Beyond this Saturday.

Challenging the boundaries of science and technology is an intrinsic part of our New Zealand heritage and deserves recognition. Our historic achievements as aviation pioneers and now as aerospace innovators are all examples of this.

It therefore appears to be a case of great timing for MOTAT to be launching the international blockbuster aerospace exhibition Above and Beyond to run from this Saturday 17 November until Monday 11 March 2019.

Developed by Boeing to celebrate 100-years in business and in collaboration with NASA and the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, Above and Beyond puts aviation and aerospace technology innovation in the spotlight.

When it opens to the public on Saturday MOTAT’s visitors will have the opportunity to design their own virtual jet, race against others in a high-speed flying competition, be transformed into virtual birds through motion-sensing technology and ascend to Earth’s orbit in a simulated space elevator.

“MOTAT is delighted to be bringing this exhibition to New Zealand for the summer” says Museum Director, Michael Frawley. “Above and Beyond will take our visitors on an interactive journey to explore the technology, ingenuity and science behind flight and space travel.”

“Boeing’s goal when this exhibition was developed was to ensure that everyone who experiences it is motivated by the stories of past and present aerospace pioneers and are inspired by what the future holds. It therefore aligns perfectly with MOTAT’s own vision of using the past, the present and the future to educate and inspire the next generation of innovators.”

“We’re also looking forward to Above and Beyond helping visitors gain an even deeper appreciation of our own internationally renowned aviation collection. It’s going to be a great way to show just how much Kiwi aviation pioneers like Richard Pearse, the Walsh Brothers, and Jean Batten actually achieved in their day and what Peter Beck and his team at Rocket Lab are achieving right now.”

The arrival of this exhibition in New Zealand has also been of special interest to Boeing.

According to Maureen Dougherty, President of Boeing Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific, “after Boeing’s founding in 1916, the New Zealand Flying School became our first international customer by purchasing two Boeing B&W aircraft. We’ve been honoured to support the support the country’s commercial and defence aviation needs ever since, including the recent announcement that the New Zealand Government has selected the Boeing P-8 as its new maritime patrol aircraft.”

“Our long relationship with New Zealand is why we are so excited to see Above and Beyond come to MOTAT; from the history of flight to the future of space travel, this exhibition will be a great experience for New Zealand’s future engineers, pilots and explorers.”

Above and Beyond, opens at MOTAT in Western Springs on Saturday 17 November 2018 and will run until 11 March 2019.


Check out the video.

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