Private Jet Services receives ATR-72 from Air New Zealand’s fleet.

Private Jet Services receives ATR-72 from Air New Zealand’s fleet. Obtains exclusive use for charter flights based out of Auckland, NZ, and begins immediate service which greatly expands the company’s access through Oceania.

Private Jet Services (PJS), the largest corporate aviation consultancy in North America, today announced the delivery and acceptance of an ATR 72-500 for their exclusive use, based out of Auckland, New Zealand. The deployment of the new equipment coincides with the opening of PJS’ new Auckland base, which will oversee the management of the ATR 72-500 for its charter customers. The aircraft is operated by New Zealand-based Air Chathams Limited.

“This is a very exciting day for Private Jet Services and its clients,” said Greg Raiff, CEO of Private Jet Services. “The ATR 72-500 and PJS’ New Zealand presence greatly enhances our global reach and offers our sports team and music touring clients a safe, reliable, and cost-effective solution for the Australia and New Zealand markets,” said Mr. Raiff. “The team at Air New Zealand and Air Chatham have been wonderful partners, and we are thrilled to launch this new endeavor with two local companies of such high caliber and character.”

The ATR 72-500 is widely considered as the most cost-effective regional aircraft in the market, with the unique ability to service a variety of different air travel needs. The latest model has undergone improvements in noise and vibration reduction and is powered by Pratt & Whitney 127 engines. The ATR 72-500 provides outstanding short field performance for an aircraft of its size, even on difficult “hot and high” airfields.

“The ATR 72-500 is a remarkable aircraft that offers clients the ability to easily access and explore new destinations with the same quality of service, safety, and attention to detail that we are famous for,” said John O’Neill, Vice President of Operations at PJS.

PJS’ first revenue-generating flights began February 7, 2019. The company expects to continue expanding its South Pacific presence with additional charter aircraft before year end.

About Private Jet Services

Private Jet Services provides aviation solutions for sports, entertainment, and mission-critical projects. The company is built on a culture of obsessive attention to detail. PJS possesses broad aviation resources, deep technical expertise, and provides a level of service and air travel safety that is unmatched in the private aviation industry. PJS is not a licensed air carrier.

PJS is headquartered in the greater Boston area and has twelve locations around the globe including Auckland, New Zealand. For more information, visit the PJS website (, or call +1 (603) 760-0500. Follow PJS online on Twitter (@Fly_PJS), Instagram (@privatejetservices), LinkedIn, and Facebook.


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