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New Southern Sky Conference, 9-10 May 2016

“The first New Southern Sky Conference is a chance to open up the New Southern Sky Programme to the wider aviation community and talk about the real benefits the programme will bring to both the aviation community and to New Zealand,” Director of the New Southern Sky programme, Steve Smyth said today.

“The New Southern Sky (NSS) programme will modernise airspace and air navigation in New Zealand over the next 10 years. This will involve improved efficiency of air traffic movements, more accurate navigation, reduced reliance on ground based systems, and improved communications. Increased information availability will also enable more effective decision making. Together, these changes will mean lower operating costs and improved aviation safety.

“The theme of the New Southern Sky Conference is ‘Navigating change – positioning for success’ and reflects the narrative of the conference where we will take the time to look at the progress of the programme over the last 18 months, our learnings and how we take the next steps as we approach stage 2 of the programme’s implementation.

“The conference will also look at new aviation technologies and guest speakers from RocketLab and Martin Jetpack will present on the exciting work they have been involved in to date.

“This is the first New Southern Sky conference and it’s a great opportunity for the aviation sector to come together and share experiences, learnings and knowledge as we look to modernise New Zealand’s aviation sector by working collaboratively together,” said Steve Smyth.


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