New Skydiving Diploma drops out of the blue

It’s landed safely! NZQA has approved a new qualification that will help people who enjoy jumping out of planes into mid-air, make the leap into an exciting commercial career.

The New Zealand Diploma in Commercial Skydiving was developed by ServiceIQ, Industry Training Organisation for the Aviation sector, in conjunction with the New Zealand Skydiving School based at Skydive Auckland.

ServiceIQ Qualifications Manager Stuart Horner, who worked on the final stages of the Diploma, says for those who like living the high life, successfully completing this qualification can open the door to a future in the growing global skydiving industry.

“The New Zealand Skydiving School is a Category 1 Provider with the credibility of being the only training establishment to offer a formal skydiving qualification that can give students all the skills required to make them highly employable in the international industry,” he says.

New Zealand Skydiving School Operations Manager Fiona McLaren is thrilled to deliver the Diploma which reflects today’s commercial industry needs.

“It’s great news for students who are able to get a New Zealand qualification in this exciting and ever-growing industry, and it recognises adventure aviation as a true career path,” says Fiona.

“We’ve worked with key stakeholders to ensure the Diploma will remain relevant as the industry continues to change. We’re also grateful to have worked with ServiceIQ. The systems and processes surrounding education can be complex and it was great to have Stuart advise and provide much needed guidance and expertise in areas unfamiliar to us.”

The qualification takes eight months to complete. This includes five months with the New Zealand Skydiving School and three months at a work placement provider in New Zealand or overseas.

“The Diploma is immersive, concentrated and provides local students with the skills, knowledge and training they can’t get anywhere else. The New Zealand Skydiving School is unique and the employment outcomes (94%) reflect this,” says Fiona.

Kiwi graduates can look forward to employment as a commercial skydiver at home and around the world where there’s a high demand for people with the right skills and qualifications.

The New Zealand Skydiving School aims to offer the new Diploma from April 2019.


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