Rocket Labs new launch window for #StillTesting 

Rocket labs announced today that a 4 hour launch window will open at 14:30 hours NZDT.  They are hoping for good conditions out at Launch Complex-1.  More updates to follow.

Final Update: Launch has been scraped for today.. They will attempt again Sunday 21 Jan 18.

Update: 1710h – T-12 countdown has been halted due to an issue with some avionics.

Update: 1640h – T-40 loaded onto the lock and the timer has started again.  T-0 is targeted for 17:20 NZDT.

Update: 1620h – Launch has been put on hold and timer set back to 20 minutes due to a boat on the range.

Update: 1526h – Holding at T-20.

Update: 1522h – Looks like the weather is playing a big part of this launch.  Waiting to see if they get a go for the weather.

Update: 1420h – Live stream link has been published.

Photo: Supplied Rocket Labs (Facebook post)

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