Rocket Labs new launch window for #StillTesting 

Rocket labs announced today that a 4 hour launch window will open at 14:30 hours NZDT.  They are hoping for good conditions out at Launch Complex-1.  More updates to follow.

Final Update: Launch has been scraped for today.. They will attempt again Sunday 21 Jan 18.

Update: 1710h – T-12 countdown has been halted due to an issue with some avionics.

Update: 1640h – T-40 loaded onto the lock and the timer has started again.  T-0 is targeted for 17:20 NZDT.

Update: 1620h – Launch has been put on hold and timer set back to 20 minutes due to a boat on the range.

Update: 1526h – Holding at T-20.

Update: 1522h – Looks like the weather is playing a big part of this launch.  Waiting to see if they get a go for the weather.

Update: 1420h – Live stream link has been published.

Photo: Supplied Rocket Labs (Facebook post)

Philip Newman

Philip Newman is a Private Pilot, Software Engineer, Businessman and Part Time Soldier in the New Zealand Army. His story started with the gift of a camera and a ride in an aeroplane. Now he can frequently be found at airshows taking photos. He enjoys writing about Aviation but mostly just reposts things from other social websites. Everyone knows of him but no one has met him.

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