Welcome to the new NZAviation.com

Today I’m happy… the new website is up and running and the code is stable.   I’m pleased to announce that after neglecting the website for longer than I should I’ve decided to kick it back into life.  The web has changed in the time since my last update so  the website has to as well.

Over the next twelve months I’ll try and have at least one update a week building up to one of the biggest events I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. For more on that, you’ll have to stay tuned.

If your visiting for the first time or have been visiting for quite a while the site will be built up to what it used to be before life went in a completely opposite direction.

If you’re a pilot and want want to send me some snaps of your adventures you’re welcome to send them in.

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Philip Newman

Philip Newman is a Private Pilot, Software Engineer, Businessman and Part Time Soldier in the New Zealand Army. His story started with the gift of a camera and a ride in an aeroplane. Now he can frequently be found at airshows taking photos. He enjoys writing about Aviation but mostly just reposts things from other social websites. Everyone knows of him but no one has met him.

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