Historic First Flight of DH Mosquito Delights Crowds

Ardmore, New Zealand – The skies above Ardmore Airfield were filled with excitement this week as the DH Mosquito NZ2308 took to the air for the very first time, marking a significant milestone in aviation history. Spectators watched in awe as the vintage aircraft gracefully soared through the clouds, capturing the hearts of all who witnessed its inaugural flight.

“It was amazing to watch NZ2308 take flight today,” remarked one enthusiast. “There’s something truly special about witnessing history in the making.”

Following the successful flight, members of the Avspecs Ltd. team gathered for a celebratory group photo, beaming with pride at their achievement. The joyous occasion served as a fitting tribute to “Glyn’s Baby,” as NZ2308 was affectionately known, honoring the memory of a colleague who played a pivotal role in the aircraft’s restoration.

“Today’s flight would have made Glyn proud,” said a team member, reflecting on the significance of the moment.

Piloting NZ2308 for its maiden voyage were Steve Hinton and Warren Denholm, whose expert handling of the aircraft was likened to a silver bullet streaking across the sky. Their skill and precision ensured a smooth and successful flight, leaving spectators in awe of the Mosquito’s performance.

Warren Denholm, the boss of Avspecs Ltd., shared his thoughts on the day’s events, describing the flight as “smooth as.” He expressed his satisfaction with the outcome and revealed plans to showcase NZ2308 at the upcoming Warbirds Over Wanaka airshow.

“We’re thrilled with how today’s flight went,” said Denholm. “Steve will be bringing NZ2308 to Wanaka, where it will take to the skies for all three days of the airshow.”

With anticipation building for Warbirds Over Wanaka, organizers issued a reminder that tickets for Saturday’s show are sold out, with Sunday’s tickets selling fast. However, there are still plenty of tickets available for the practice day on Friday, providing aviation enthusiasts with the opportunity to witness the Mosquito in action.

As the excitement continues to build, NZ2308’s triumphant first flight serves as a reminder of the rich history and innovation that define New Zealand’s aviation heritage. Today marks not only a milestone for the Mosquito but also a celebration of the passion and dedication of all those involved in its restoration and flight.

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